Blue Flower

Interested in highspeed internet?  Tired of slow satellite speeds?

If you live anywhere in the Grayson and Caroll county and City of Galax area, you may be eligible for highspeed internet. Both wireless and fiber are available in selected areas.  Give us a call and with a quick address lookup we can determine if highspeed is available.  If fiber is not available, we can check whether wireless will reach your property.  It's quick and simple.  Give us a call at 276-664-1476.

"Tech Lunch Round Table" on Blog Talk Radio, every Wednesday at 2pm Eastern

Jaison and Mish host a weekly internet broadcast show on technology and how to protect your privacy in this data-centric world we live in.  "Tech Lunch Round Table" provides computer advice, reviews the latest gadgets, cover the latest tech news and both Mish and Jaison share their opinions on everything technology related.  Jaison and Mish will peel away the hype and smokescreen to help you better understand the technology world around us.  Their primary concern is your personal safety and privacy in the technology world.  They share the belief that freedom is a god given right and are concerned we are moving to a “1984” controlled world using technology in the wrong hands.  It is their desire to help make people aware of such issues.  Both Jaison and Mish have been in the computer business for over 29 years combined.  They love what they do and love to share their knowledge.  Our call in number is: 818-739-8894.

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